HardyRoot™ Whitepaper

BioTurf adds another patented biofabricated compound to market.



Novel Cost-Effective Solution For Enhancing Crop Production And Grass Plant Growth With Environmental Protection

BioCapital Holdings, LLC, through its subsidiary BCH BioTurf, LLC, has developed a patented, cost effective, and environmentally friendly competitive solution for grass growth and crop production, HardyRoot™. HardyRoot™ is manufactured through a fermentation process that produces specific proteins which act as key active ingredients in our formulation. We combine other natural compounds that results in a mixture of proteins having a molecular structure that gives it versatility and an impactful effectiveness.

BCH BioTurf's exciting new product, HardyRoot™ is a versatile, biologically made, protein mix that can be used in a wide array of industries, due to its diverse functionality. The hydrophilic properties of HardyRoot™, due to the alcohol and amide groups present, attract moisture already present in the soil in the form of water vapor, especially during high humidity and high heat conditions. This moisture management makes the grass heat resistant, improves water holding capacity, reduces watering requirements and minimizes everyday drought stress cycles to help control dry spots. HardyRoot™ represents the future of manufacturing, using biotechnology to make novel compounds and materials, where nature can be imitated without being destroyed.

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