BioTurf is proud to announce successful scaling of laboratory processes for creating BCH's PolyA and BioLight in a commercial biofermentation system for production of HardyRoot™.  This optimizes for quality and cost by leverging innovative biofermentation, automated computer controls, and the latest Machine Learning AI techniques.



Shown here, a BioTurf scientist monitors the biofermentation process at BioTurf's industrial production facility.



Fully automated

Quality assurance, consistency, and repeatability are central to industrial standardization and commercial production.  BioTurf has developed an automated, computer controlled production system for executing and monitoring the process for creating HardyRoot™.


Machine Learning AI

To optimize yield, cost, and effectiveness of the generated compound, BioTurf has developed an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to track IOT data, train Machine Learning models, and bring AI to the production of HardyRoot™.

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