PolyA Whitepaper

BioTurf is excited to bring commercially available products leveraging patented innovations from BioCapital Holdings.


Poly A

BioTurf has developed a patented, cost effective, and environmentally friendly competitive solution for producing foam, plant growth and production. This product is made from an extract produced by a live cell factory which is made by assembling different genetic parts that direct this small factory towards the production of specific metabolites, the main component in PolyA. This process yields an extract, which is filtered and devoid of any cells (dead or live), in turn this extract can be dried to a solid form, depending on intended use.


PolyA is a versatile, biologically made, polysaccharide that can be used as a chitosan alternative or even be used in conjunction with chitosan in a wide array of industries. PolyA and similar compounds the are future of manufacturing using microorganisms to make novel compounds and materials, where nature can be imitated without being destroyed.

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